Career Coaching

Do you feel like you’ve stalled at the midpoint of your career? Are you feeling bored, overwhelmed, or even underwhelmed? Could these negative feelings be holding you back from your professional development and ambitions? Many people who have felt like this, know they need to make a career change, but are unsure on how to do it. This is where my career coaching services come into play.

I will work with you to understand and clarify what you want and need out of your professional life and what exactly is holding you back from achieving your goals. I will help you identify knowledge gaps, barriers and issues preventing you from moving forward on your career path and give you the tools needed to continue on a positive and proactive journey. 

Many clients have struggled with desiring a higher career level whilst trying to maintain a fulfilling home life. I can help you find the perfect balance, so you achieve the career you want without impacting upon your personal life. My career coaching services will give you the confidence and momentum you need to start taking control of your career and your life.

Career development coaching

If you’re ready to put your career into the next gear, I am here to support you in that endeavour. By working with you and encouraging reflection and self-development, I can support you with keeping focused on your goals and holding you accountable to them.

Career transition coaching

Moving into an entirely new career can be stressful. Amid the chaos and confusion, do you ever wish you could take some time to focus on yourself? My career coaching services give you the opportunity to sit, reflect and focus on the changes and how they are affecting you. By working with you to encourage taking ownership of your career, you can start the next chapter confidently and calmly!

What does a career coach do?

  • Help you to reflect on your circumstances and situation. What is it about this situation that you want to change? Why do you want to change?
  • Work with you to identify your strengths, weaknesses, values, talents, and priorities. Do these align with your intended changes? If not, why not?
  • Provide unbiased discussion around what steps you should take to move forwards and holding you accountable to those steps.
  • Work with you to understand the underlying reasons for your decision, offering clarity around an often quite complicated topic.

Career Coaching for Nurses

Are you currently a nurse, or working with nursing, and thinking about a change? I have decades of experience within the nursing and healthcare industry, which means I can offer a unique perspective and empathise with you on a deeper level. As a provider of career coaching services, I cannot make decisions for you, but I can use my expertise to help you to:

  • Explore the reasons you’d like to change your nursing career.
  • Support you to work through any concerns or fears you may have, particularly following the pandemic.
  • Identify any transferrable skills you have, whether you are joining or leaving nursing.

Life coaching

I didn’t have a specific goal in advance of my coaching session but this became clearer due to personal situations that were arising. Lisa helped me to talk through and offload the issues that were arising for me and their impact. I enjoyed having the opportunity to talk through the issues causing me stress at home and impacting on my work at the time. Post coaching I have reflected and thought about some of our opportune conversations and how I will respond in the future. I have needs and need to state what help and support I need from others, not just soak up managing everything myself.
Thank you for giving me the time to think and process what was going on for me Lisa. The time to think about myself and put myself first rather than everyone else.

An NHS Manager


Business coaching

I love my job with a passion and care deeply about it. I say yes to everything and everyone and work very long hours and then get told off for it! I struggle to get through lists of work in my day and then work silly hours as cant leave things undone! So, what did I need? Some coaching on how to try and achieve a better balance and how to regain control of my day! I have just had my second coaching session with Lisa. What can say? Lisa is a miracle worker! I will be honest, I wasn’t really sure if a business coach was for me and if she could help, but she has been absolutely brilliant. She has just helped me to see what essentially staring me in the face and start to get a good perspective on things. Highly recommend anyone having a chat with her. I didn’t know how much I needed a business coach until I spoke to a business coach! Thank you so much Lisa.

A busy manager wanting to achieve a better balance and gain control of her day


Career coaching

Just to let you know I’ve just been offered a graduate engineering job! I couldn’t have done it without you, giving me the confidence and helping me organise myself and sort myself out! I can’t thank you enough!

A young man wanting help to progress his career


Career & Life coaching

I did not have a clear goal before commencing the sessions. Lisa used a variety of tools which helped me to identify my priorities for the sessions. I was able to identify that achieving a work/life balance in this period after taking my pension was an ongoing challenge for me and was impacting on my wellbeing. Lisa listened intently, demonstrated by the quality of questioning which led me on my journey. I was never rushed, and was sensitively encouraged to articulate my thoughts. I also had the time to think clearly.
My biggest learning was identifying my key values, and how rewarded I can be if I find work projects that reflect these/ decline things that don’t. I will now understand and value my worth, values and wellbeing. Making work decisions based on this understanding, rather than because other people encourage me to do things that do not fit my ‘terms’.
Lisa’s manner is gentle and encouraging. I very quickly felt comfortable to explore some challenging areas and beliefs and I am delighted with the outcome. I am now empowered to express my terms to potential employers with very positive results. I make my own choices rather than be influenced by others. I highly recommend Lisa’s coaching services

Member of staff retiring from the NHS and deciding on next steps

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